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Koras operates in the fields of dental technology, electroplating and the recycling of precious metals.

Thorsten Koras, founder of the company, is in touch with the market and understands the needs of customers. He is a technology expert with 30 years of experience and customers on all 5 continents benefit from his expertise, reliable advice, economic solutions and innovative products.

  1983 - 1989:   Wieland Edelmetall KG (today Wieland Dental und Technik GmbH & Co. KG)
Co-developer of the AGC® system,
precious metal recycling, precious metal preparations
  1990 - 1994:   C. Hafner GmbH & Co.
Development of the Helioform® HF600 system,
  1994 - 2000:   Heraeus Kulzer GmbH
Development of the Preciano® system,
electroplating, precious metal recycling
  2001 - 2006:   Onchems GmbH
Development of the proGalvano® dental baths,
electroplating, precious metal recycling, precious metal preparations
  2003 - dato:   4Dentis GmbH
  2012 - dato:   KORAS Precious Metal Recycling GmbH
> AGC®, Helioform® and Preciano®  are registered trademarks of the manufacturer.
Koras GmbH | Hauptstraße 66 | D-75331 Engelsbrand
Telefon 07082 - 792 83-00 | Fax 07082 - 792 83-28 | Email
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