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Polishing atom for atom but really fast
Electro-polishing is the most gentle and cleanest way to give jewellery pieces in an industrial
production process a smooth, ultra-pure surface which can then be further processed.
The new Aqua-Pol® compact system achieves this quickly and economically with precision and only requires a small amount of space. This is made possible by its ingenious design with internal running rotors.
Polishes gold, silver, brass, bronze and stainless steel
>   cleaning of cast parts
>   polishing of pre-ground or tarnished parts
>   polishing of prongs (without rounding)

Decisive: the electrolyte  
Koras GmbH has developed a process liquid whose quality is considerably superior to
standard electrolyte.
Purity, mixing ratio, effectiveness, and primarily a long service life – the electrolyte from Koras GmbH achieves measureable advantages.

Clean in a flash  
Aqua-Pol® only needs
10 - 20 minutes to process
up to 96 jewellery pieces.
That's a record in the field of jewellery!
      Koras Aqua-Pol          
  Dimensions (L x D x H in mm):   730 x 470 x 520          
  Capacity (no. of rings):   96          
  Weight (kg):   25,5          
  Power consumption (kW):   0,5          
  Power supply (V):   230          
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