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Good advice is not expensive, but valuable.
Koras GmbH is the think-tank in the field of electroplating and precious metals. We develop customised  solutions, design systems and pass on our expertise to customers. You too can use this potential to save costly own research and prevent avoidable errors. Call Koras GmbH for assistance.
Electroplating products, precious metal preparations, master alloys
We recommend proven compositions or develop a customised solution as is required. We design and plan production systems to manufacture electroplating baths, electroplating products, precious metal preparations or master alloys. You can rely on our extensive experience, our knowledge of the newest technological developments, ecological awareness and the highest quality for all the services we offer.

Electroplating technology
We offer comprehensive electroplating services and expertise for the metals Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Rh, Ru, Cu, Ni, Su. Our services include the planning and design of systems, analysis technology and waste water engineering.

Precious metal recycling
We are experts for many types of precious metal recycling / precious metal refinement.
You can benefit from our technological lead or use our services for the following fields:

  • Sampling of material from customers
  • Analysis of these samples
  • Recycling of the metals
  • Refinement of the metals
    (Au 999,9 Ag 999 Pd/Pt 999,6 Rh 999,8)
Precious metal preparations
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Master alloys
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