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Systematic concept

For years, our team of international experts has been asking for it Complex issues of precious metal recycling technology.


The step to develop and produce our own systems has been carefully prepared. Our technical quality, extensive experience and consultation expertise was never in doubt. The decision to go to market was finally made when the areas of logistics and international service were established.


 KORAS systems combine strengths and advantages which up to now have not been available from a single source.


Your KORAS® team is working for you as usual

Despite the spread of the Corona-virus, also in Germany many things stand still, but we continue to work.

We look forward to receive your inquiries and orders.

As always, you can reach us at:

Tel .: +49 7082 792 8300
e-mail: and all other direct email addresses you already know

Hauptstrasse 66
D-75331 Engelsbrand
Koras GmbH | Hauptstraße 66 | D-75331 Engelsbrand
Telefon 07082 - 792 83-00 | Fax 07082 - 792 83-28 | Email
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