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Microfiltration MIF

We build these machines in different sizes with respectively different throughputs.
Our membranes are characterised by a very long lifetime. Using membrane filtration they all filter solid particles greater than 0.2 μm from liquids. In this way up to 100% of precious metal residues are recovered from grinding, polishing and ultrasonic waste water.

Further application areas:

>   Extended service life for cleaning and degreasing baths
>   Oil/water separation
>   Polishing and grinding solutions
>   Cleaning of washing water


>   Space-saving machines
>   Low running costs
>   Reduction of water consumption by up to 90%
>   Reduction of the compound consumption by up to 90%
>   Precious metal recovery
>   Reduction of the waste water volume and therefore
>   Reduction of the chemical waste water/costs
We build machines from 10 l/h up to 10,000 l/h.

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