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Osmosis System OSS

Application areas for this technology:

>   Cleaning of rinse water for electroplating technology
>   Desalination of brackish water and seawater
>   Pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry
>   Laboratory technology
>   Washing systems  
>   Food and beverages industry


Koras systems use the high performance osmosis process with preliminary and post treatment.
Close and extensive co-operation with leading international membrane manufacturers over many years have enabled us to offer the ideal system in terms of technical specifications and economy for each application area.

Koras osmosmis systems are characterised by a compact design, low-noise operation, high quality and modern components, durability and ease of maintenance. The operator requirements are kept to a minimum.
For mobile applications our osmosis systems can also be firmly fitted inside a sea container.


The pressure pump presses raw water against the membrane which is mounted in a pressure resistant container. Clean water (permeate) penetrates the membrane and is continually removed. What remains is a concentrated solution (concentrate) that can be easily removed. Depending on the salt content of the raw water of the respective application a pump pressure from 7 to 70 bar is required. There are membranes available which are suitable for raw water with a salt content of up to approx. 38,000 ppm. Pre-treatment of the raw water is recommended for economic operation. This depends on the raw water available.

We build systems from 5 l/h up to 500,000 l/h.
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