A partnership for development

On August the 1st 2016, KORAS GmbH, Germany and IKOI srl, an Italian company, signed a commercial partnership that foresees the sharing of the two companies' product portfolio and the exchange of the technical skills on each other's markets.

In fact, the two companies have been operating for many years successfully in the global market for the treatment of precious metals and, after achieving together some important turnkey plants, have positively evaluated the synergy that has been created.

"Our goal”, says Mr. Alessandro Stocco -CEO of IKOI- “is to provide to our standing and future customers a complementary proposal to our systems for the thermal treatment of precious metals, with a full range of refining machines and plants".

With the same opinion, Mr. Thorsten Koras -CEO of KORAS GmbH says "with this agreement, KORAS will increase the commercial capacity in its own products’ promotion, and it will be able to provide turnkey installations throughout the refining process and the production of ingots".

To confirm the validity of the new partnership, IKOI and KORAS have announced the acquisition of an important order for a complete refining plant to be installed in a primary refinery.

IKOI and KORAS together for growing

Thorsten Koras, CEO of KORAS GmbH

Alessandro Stocco, CEO of IKOI srl
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